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Kapuas Arowana Farm, is the embodiment of our fascination towards the beauty of Arowana the dragon fish. It is through this deep appreciation of Arowana which drives us to share more of this magnificent species to the world.

Given that Arowana is an endangered species and one of Indonesian's National Treasure, it is Kapuas Arowana Farm's biggest commitment to support conservation of the environment. As such, Kapuas Arowana Farm only trades Super Red Arowanas which are bred and not caught in the wild. (more..)

Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formosus)
There are 3 types of Asian Arowana - the Red, Gold and Green. For the Chinese, Red is a lucky color, as evidenced by the large amount of red used during Chinese New Year. This makes the Red dragon fish in high demand, and prices for a good quality red can easily fetch around USD5000. Gold is also considered lucky. However, it is surprising that Green variety is not very popular and is consider unlucky, especially in Cantonese speaking countries like Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The Cantonese who keep a green Arowana in their home and often gamble are said to "shee tou meen cheang cheang" (lost till their faces turn green).

For the Chinese, the dragon is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In the eyes of the Chinese, the dragon fish has the appearance and majesty of the Chinese Dragon, especially the scales - it resembles the scales of a Dragon.

When a Chinese businessman purchased one of these fishes, and strike a big fortune, the rumor will spread that he attribute his good luck to owning one of these fish. Soon, demand for this fish rocketed as many others hope that keeping a dragon fish will bring them luck.